10 Best startup ideas of 2018

Looking to start a business ? We have come up with some of the best startup ideas those are in trend and people are making a good amount of money and expanding their business day and night.It is true that a large number of people want to run a business but its not really necessary to start with a big investment here are some business ideas with less investment and big profit.

1.Taxi business: These days you will see lot of people enjoy travelling and now people don’t mind paying extra for their comfort and luxury.You can start a taxi business in your city its not necessary that you should have your website or so or you have number of taxies in crew but you can even start with one car and slowly you can think about expansion.

2.Automated Car saloon: This concept is very popular in USA and European countries and recently has stepped in indian market lot of people with automated car saloon already making a good amount of money.

3.Online sex toys: Though it may seem awkward to you but sex toys has already made their market in india,you can make a webportal or you can sell these products in some of the other websites as a retailer it really gives a good profit

4.Home tution business: Days have gone when one need to ask for the service now everything is available on just a single click,most of the parents are too possessive for their kids that they do not let their children go out of their reach too often so you can look it as an opportunity and build a network of home tutors to serve more and more clients and make a good amount of money.

5.Online Bakery Business: We all love chocolates and really enjoyed bakery products when we were a child but now bakery has become a very big industry,you can make a website to serve the community where you can associate your company with bakeries in different cities and easily make revenue.

6.Professional service provider: People have money but not the time there are some areas where people don’t want to waste time and they want their work should be done by professionals there are many webportals these days providing professional services like Private Limited company registration,GST registrations,Trademark if you are a professional you can provide services and make good money

7.Laundry business: Laundry business is very old in india where we have came across with so many drycleaning shops in life but now laundry business is no more old fashioned in india to now you can find Laundromats in most of the metro cities in india.these are some coin or card operated commercial machines gives you washed clothes within a cycle time of hardly thirty minutes though this business has little research before starting but gives a good amount of profit and save lot of time.

8.Incense stick business: Incense stick business or agarbatti making business is very old in india but from last few years lot of young people are coming into this business and expanding

9.Photography/Video tutorials: Photography business has turned into a widely used business platform in india these days people want to look more photogenic and very conscious about their image you if you have skills you can make good amount of money

10.Take away: India is known for its food you will travel a mile and you will find the difference in eating habits of the people these days people want to eat good and hygienic food.if you have interest in cooking or want to start a small scale business a takeaway can be started in very nominal amount of investment and later can be expanded into a restaurant or a food chain.

So these were some really trending startup ideas of 2018 if you have some in your mind you can share in the comment box if you are looking to start your own business rokadguru can help you in online company registration,tax consulting,business consulting,branding and promotions and other compliance of your business like accounting,book keeping.

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