How To Start An Online Business (And how to make a brand)

How to Start an online Business (And How to make it a brand)

Here are the 5 quick tips and hack tools for your brand promotion


I want to start an online business? I want more traffic for my website ? I need more sales through my website. These are some common problems which all of us face when we decide to start a fresh online business though in today’s world getting an virtual identity of your business is not really really difficult,but most of the new startups get confused what to do next to get into the next level of business.

Frankly once you are done with your business idea on web,the real business starts and you start facing problems like getting more website clicks,more facebook likes and which actually ends giving you more results(most of us thinks in that way).

So here are five quick tips which will definitely help you to start an online business and moreover if you have believe in your idea you will definitely get it as a brand over a period of time.


1.Understand the Niche of your Business:I am saying again understand your niche! Internet has taken a major role in our lives these days today an average person spends nearly one to two hours daily on internet so when we think about business we think of a website first,But to be very honest with you a website is not really a big problem or a step which should be taken to start a business first you need to understand that Do your business really need a website? What I mean here is,you first need to research your current competitors(if any),how many people are running same business and what strategies they are following to attract more customers,Your product or services are eligible for selling online or not?

You need to figure out your market there are two basic market you can sell to: consumer or business,for example if you want to sell a product from a retail store your target market is consumers that is referred as B2C  and if you deal in office supply your market is business this is called B2B sales.

There is nothing like finding a niche as there is nothing like behind the curtain or a play like “Hide and seek’’ different businesses has different niche and the more narrowly you understand your niche your business will eventually get bigger. Either a business is small or a million dollar industry they all work to target their niche and that’s how they grow over a period.

Amazon is the biggest online selling portal their niche is bargain oriented audience people who search for better deals whereas brands like Lamborghini and BMW caters the upscale motor vehicle consumers.

Most of the startups and new businesses make a mistake of making a list of services and products but they do not focus on the market.


2.Create an urgency: So when you are done with this and you are convinced with the niche of your business the first thing you need to do is to register your company.There are so many online portals for online company registrations to help you in getting your company incorporated.Get the basics right and start finding the solution of a problem which you want to solve.

Create the need into the market of your product let people know why they need your services until unless you don’t create a need people will not take interest in your product to create an urgency in the market you need to figure out why people need your service right now and what solution your product or service is actually providing for that follow the steps

  • Undergo the problems you can solve through your portal
  • Write testimonials of your existing clients
  • Try to figure out the common problems and write blogs
  • Make videos to promote your product
  • Explain your product service well and how it will help
  • Make offers for new clients
  • Make people understand why they should buy now
  • Insure your clients by offering guaranteed solution
  • Do not hesitate for asking a sale


Keep asking your self think like a customer “how it is going to help and give a solution to the society?’’ When you think like an end user you start updating your product according to the need of the market.

3.Start with a User friendly website: As We have discussed earlier for an online business you need to have an idea of your virtual identity when everything is at its place you have done your homework you have understood you niche, the target, their demographics, their habits and every important aspect of the go ahead with a simple web design.remember you have a very short time may be less than 10 seconds to attract your customer once they are gone they never look back.

While working on your website you need to remember and take note of few important points

  • Have a professional look for website
  • Always use a private domain name
  • Choose colors and fonts according to your product/service
  • Try to make it easy and simple
  • The more customer friendly website means more sales
  • Try to collect data of visitors by opt in option
  • Checkout process should be quick and easy
  • Ask for reviews and feedbacks


Apart from these points your website should be easily updatable so you can update the changes of your products time to time.If you are starting an online business you need to go with a professional web development company which can provide you optimum solutions to all your website related needs and help you with other issues.


‘’Remember a website is your virtual office so keep it updated,user friendly and simple but massage should always be loud and clear’’ -: Mark O Brien



4.Have an Expert Image: You started an online business just for the time being think “why you use internet”? Answer is People use internet for information people want more and more information from the internet to find solutions of their problems so always look forward of posting quality content to your website keep updating your website and share links of the pages of your website on other search engines.Use social media marketing to reach to your niche.focus on giving away as much information as you can through your website


  • Write articles,join social forums,make videos to get an expert image
  • Use social media as a tool of reputation builder
  • Free blogs,content attracts more and more clients on web
  • Try to circulate through directories and social media links
  • Share the information as much as you can



5.Use tools to reach your niche market : Online business is easy to start but you need to keep updating your website to keep the show go on you need to access all the tools to reach to the actual buyer of your product through a continuous process of different tools to add value to your web identity.your opt-in list of clients is your real market people those who want your service the opt-in list provides a list of subscribers and customers who want to listen from you you can always have a lifetime relationship with opt-ins.

  • Email marketing is relatively economical and effective
  • Social media marketing for mass approach
  • Youtube videos for effective marketing and direct sales
  • Give redeem coupons for next sales
  • Create different offers time to time

So these are some points to help you in starting an online business and help it to grow to a secure stage.Hope this content will help you in getting most of the things of your online business at the right can read my previous blog on 10 best startup ideas 2018 if you are thinking to start something new and creative.


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