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Before anything to discuss let’s first talk about the culture we fall in or we follow as a youth 90% youngsters in India have been prototyped or educated or I should say framed to do a Job. We have been never encouraged for doing business from family, friends, teachers or even from the mentors.

Have you ever thought in your childhood or when you entered in your fifteens that you will be a producer rather being a consumer? Most of you might have not very frankly it’s not you who is responsible for this mind-set but being an Indian our minds have been trained to do or get a government job or a job where you can get a good annual package. We are always sceptical about doing business. Even if you are pass out from one of the most prestigious colleges of India like IIT or IIM you think about the placement with some most popular MNCs like google, Microsoft, tata and get settled in foreign countries like USA, Australia or Europe. Now I want to ask you what benefit you are giving to your country by working for MNC and making money for them?

Now let’s talk about being an entrepreneur or starting up a new business.

Here from my blog I just want to motivate the young guns of India for being a job creator not a job seeker. Startups play a very vital role in economy of any country. As we all no India is the second largest country in terms of population and we have the biggest youth base, but the kind of education system we have here it is impossible for the government to provide employment to each and every youth being an entrepreneur when you come up with some good idea you not only provide jobs to the youngsters but also make them financially strong, the economy of a country depends majorly on the population of that country and when we as youngsters will start our own business and will be a provider of opportunities to other young talents of India surely the problem of unemployment will be vanished gradually.

Why you need to ring the bell?

In last few years the mind-set of Indian society and youngsters has changed and they have taking opportunities straight to their bag. Due to the digitalization and technical growth we have seen a major boost in startups and young entrepreneurs in last decade. Flipkart, Paytm, sanapdeal, ola are the Indian startups which make their mark in top 100 startups of the world.

So if you have ability to be a part of the solution not the problem you should always be a part of solution.

In India you can start your business by simply registering the company as Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, One person company, Partnership Firm or as a Proprietor.

If you are registered with govt even Government of India have numerous schemes to boost and enhance your business.

So I request all of you do share this blog and create an awareness among the youth of India to make them believe that “YOU CAN ALSO MAKE A DIFFERENCE”.

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